Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Project 1. 93

This project gave a start to our well balanced teamwork. We found inspiration in powerful v-twins, traktor tires and tank-like finish and styling. Of course we decided to use aesthetic touches like clip-on bars, short saddle and lowered suspension. And the best donor to embody main idea appeared to be well-known Yamaha XV 535.

Looking through the internet I've found some projects that were similar to what we were looking for, but our decision to stick to a more classical way of building a cafe racer left a chance to produce some fresh ideas and bring to life a true custom creature.

Some builds that we may treat as good examples of what can be partially borrowed:

So here we go, please get acquainted with the donor:

Yamaha Virago XV 535, year 1995, 38k km in the wheels.

First things first - strip it down:

So now we see what we will work with and can make some planning:

To Do:
Rebuild wheels:
rims: 18x2.15 moose racing
rims color - polished alu
Tires: 450-18 Firestone ANS Black Tire

Exhaust: throw away resonator, make longer pipes right from the exhaust collectors, isolate with thermal wrap and connect at the end via silent blocks. Should look approximately like this but with longer pipes.

Fuel tank:
Adapt CB 750 fuel tank: cut the frame airbox section to allow lower tank position.

Frame: cut away the tail section, rebuild rear subframe to match fork angle, finish tail with a loop.
Color: black

Front suspension:
Stock. Lower down by approximately 10cm, cut off the rest

Rear suspension:
Hagon twin shoks, 350mm length.

Change rubber section with brown leather.

Saddle: Custom seat with leather and alcantara.

Front light: Made in USSR pice of crap. Yellow bulb, the shell painted black matt.

Tail light:
To be integrated in the rear tube behind the saddle, or between the saddle and the frame.

The resent sketch of how the tail should look:

After rear subframe is sorted:
1. measure dimensions of the accu box under the seat and make if from tough leather.
2. Create a metal plate to base a saddle on it.

Current donor looks: